More Than A Fleeting Friendship

About four months ago, my wife and I attended my company picnic. My boss is in his early thirties and was married. It was obvious to me that he was smitten with my wife, and he spent most of the afternoon flirting with her. My wife, who is in her forties, told me after the picnic that she was flattered, but a little uncomfortable with all of his attention. I just laughed it off and didn't give it much thought. A few weeks later, I grabbed my wife's cell phone by mistake and noticed she had made and received quite a few calls and text messages from my boss. I asked her about it, and she became a little defensive. She then admitted that after the picnic they had become friendly and had been talking back and forth. She also admitted that she was attracted to him but said that they hadn't done anything but talk on the phone. I told her that I was really uncomfortable with their friendship and that she should end it. She assured me she would. It wasn't long after that I heard my boss left his wife. Two weeks ago, my wife left me and moved in with my boss. She told me they had been having an affair beginning the day after the picnic. I have to find a new job.

— Addison, 42