I Do It Just For Her Now

One day, I came home from work, and my wife was not home from work yet. So, I went to take a shower. I noticed a pair of white silk panties on our bed. I took them and tried them on. What a feeling it gave me! I looked in the mirror. They looked really good on me! While I was in the bathroom, I did not hear my wife come in. There I was, picking my stuff off the floor with my back to her. I heard a voice, "Wow, I love those on you! You have to try more things on!" So, she went to her dresser, got out her nylons, and said, "Put these on." So, I did. I could see her getting all worked up. She asked me if I would put on one more thing for her. She got a slip and helped me put that on. If she only knew that I had tried it before and liked it! She asked if I would wear them for her when she got home from now on. I said, "If it makes you happy, I'll do it just for you." Now, she buys them for me. I'm glad she loves it because I do, too.

— Mark, 45