Sharing My Fiancée

My fiancée and I have a very active sex life, and she is extremely attractive with a gorgeous body. We often fantasize about a threesome with another guy, and she quite likes it. It really turns me on when she texts other work colleagues and chats/flirts with them on her phone. One evening, she had a work dinner to attend and was being collected by a married, male colleague. She wore an absolutely gorgeous dress, which was very revealing, and just a g-string and no bra. It really turned me on watching him looking at her as she got into his car. He flirted with her all night, and he made moves on her by just touching her legs while changing gears. When they arrived back at our house, she invited him in. I was in bed and could hear them flirting, so I went downstairs to listen. I could see them kissing on the couch as the door was slightly open. His hands began to wander, and I could see her clothing being moved aside. I was really turned on as she opened his pants and began playing with his huge package. He then took her dress off so she was just there in a g-string. She looked amazing. They both went down on the floor and began to have oral sex. I decided to join in, and I was very welcomed by both. The three of us pleasured each other and, I must say, the feel of another man was amazing.

— Tito, 28