I Saw It In Her Eyes

I don't know why I feel so horny towards her, knowing that her daughter is so beautiful and sexy. But, I have one more story about my mother-in-law. One of the times she slept at our house on the couch in the sitting room, I was having some insomnia. I went up to the sitting room where she was lying with her transparent teddy. Her legs were separated, and her sweet breasts showed a bit out. I laid on the couch in front of her. I put on an erotic channel. I then pulled down my boxers and started masturbating while looking at her. From time to time, she would turn while she was asleep. I had her all to myself in my fantasies. Suddenly, she opened her eyes and saw the TV channel where two couples were having sex in a pool. She then turned towards me and saw me naked. I pretended that I was asleep, but I was still seeing what she was doing. She kept watching me for around three minutes. After that, she closed her eyes again while placing her hand straight on her privates. By then, I was so exited and grabbed myself again. Within seconds, I was done. I made some whispering sounds while I was doing it, and she definitely heard it. The scene was so exciting that I will never forget it, trust me. After that, I took off my boxers and cleaned up. Then, I checked on her. There was a small stain of mine on her teddy. I couldn't touch her to clean it up for fear of waking her. The second day, in the morning, when we woke up, she saluted me with a smile. I read in her eyes that she saw everything the other night. Until next time, have nice dreams about your mother-in-law.

— Cal, 28