My Mother-In-Law Watched

After fixing her washing machine and after several days, she asked me to look for some stuff in her attic. I was wearing an office suit at that time, so I asked her to pass me her son's boxers. I wore them and went up the stairs. My package was spreading out from the left side. She definitely saw it because I saw a hidden smile on her face. When I went back down, she was holding the stairs for me. My package passed too close to her face, and I made my hand accidentally touch her breast. She was quite soft. I went to the bathroom, pretending to change my clothes, when really I spent around five minutes playing with myself. At the moment that I was finishing, the door opened. There she was, watching me spoiling her carpet. She just came in with no word, dropped some stuff in the closet, and then left the room. It was kind of freaky for me the other day, but trust me, I had a great orgasm.

— Cal, 28