I Belong To Him

I work in a construction-type job with some pretty tough acting guys. One guy in particular is about 6' 4", solid as a rock, and kind of gruff. He is the last guy I thought would put a move on me. We became friends, talking normal guy stuff like sports, cars, and the like. He asked me over one evening to help him work on his roadster. It was in a tight spaced garage. As I was trying to squeeze past him to fetch a tool, he sort of stopped me from passing, and we were facing each other, pressed tight. This guy felt huge down there. He looked in my eyes, leaned into me, and said, "I got you right where I want you." Then he grabs my face and plants a kiss on me I'll never forget. I could feel him swelling against me. I was getting hot, too, being "taken" in such a way that I had never dreamed of. His mouth went to my neck, cheek, and ears, kissing me. Then his deep, raspy voice whispered in my ear, "I'm bigger, stronger, and younger than you, and tonight you are going to be my girl." I was in no position to argue as it was true. He took me inside and made me his woman that night. I never knew sex with the right person could be so hot, so wild, and so not right. That was over a year ago. I'm still married to the same woman as back then, but I belong to him and love it.

— David, 40