Sexy Pool Encounter

Talk about perfect! My mother-in-law has the best body ever! She has great breasts and leaves me sexually stimulated all the time. Recently, we installed a swimming pool. We already had a hot tub, which she occasionally used from time to time with my wife. I had seen her in a bathing suit before and, believe me, had many fantasies about what I wanted to see. One day, while my wife was still at work, my mother-in-law came over to start making dinner for us. It was a really warm day, and when she saw the pool, she got really hot. I invited her to join me in the pool, which to my surprise, she did! She went inside and put on my wife's swim suit, saying she couldn't find hers. Oh, happy day! My wife's suit is cut high on the thighs, revealing a thong look, and it has a very deep V-cut front. Her breasts were almost falling completely out! Obviously, she saw my excitement and made a comment about how things were rising. I had never thought about how I would have sex with her, but right here and now, it seemed like the perfect time. I edged over next to her and innocently 'tested the waters' by brushing up against her, which moved the material enough to reveal her even more. I must have been staring because she pulled the material back over, and then grinned sheepishly just before she pulled it back over saying, "You've already seen it. You might as well enjoy it." I did. I went right after it. It wasn't long before I had the suit off her and was giving her oral sex on the deck. I was really surprised when I saw she had shaved her privates. It wasn't long before we moved inside and had a free-for-all! Now, every time she comes over to our house, she uses little sexual innuendos which give me rising excitement! She hugs me really good now! Luckily, father-in-law doesn't see what's going on. I'm sure more will be to come!

— Kyle, 45