An Awesome Chance Encounter

I was in the make-up aisle holding some eye shadow and lipstick. I was looking at the liquid foundation when the girl next to me asked if it was for me. She said that not many men buy make-up for women. I told her it as for me as I like to cross-dress. She asked if I would like some help to apply it as she had gone to beauty school. I gave her my address, and she asked if her boyfriend could come with her. This was very exciting that a male would see me dressed. It had never happened as I dressed only to please myself. On Friday night, the doorbell rang, and Lisa and Hank said, "We're here, and we brought some beers. Lisa said, "Let's go into the bathroom and get started with the make-up." She even brought false eyelashes and nail polish with her. While she was making me up, she told me they were bi. When she was done, I said, "I'll change into something and see if Hank approves of how I look." I was so excited and nervous that I was shaking. I went out to the living room and Hank said, "Wow," and Lisa said, "You look beautiful." I grabbed a beer to calm me down and sat down across from them. I let my skirt ride up. Hank asked what my sex life was like, and I told him I like women, and I like to cross-dress, but I never had anyone see me. Hank said that he and Lisa are bi and that Lisa was attracted to me. He said that after seeing me dressed, he was, too. Hank sat next to me and asked if he could kiss me. I hesitated until Lisa said Hank is a good kisser. Well, that was all it took. Within ten minutes, Hank was under my skirt, and Lisa had removed her dress. I said to Hank after he was finished that I would like to have my first man-to-man experience. He said, "Let's go to the bedroom." I didn't know that this was so enjoyable until I tried it. I still like women, but I won't pass up a guy after this. I think I have enough nerve to go to a gay bar now.

— Rudy, 25