Getting It Good

My wife told me to do some work for her girlfriend. I protested and was told to remove my pants and underwear and lay across her knees. She turned my butt a bright red with the wooden paddle I had made for her. I told her I would do the work if she would stop spanking me. Twenty minutes later, we were at her girlfriend's house with my tools. When my wife told her about my spanking, she asked to see my red butt. My wife told me to pull my pants and underwear down so they could see. I did as I was told, and her friend said it didn't look too red to her. She took a wooden spoon and asked my wife if she would minded if she made it redder, to which my wife agreed. I was told to touch my toes and not to flinch. She gave me ten on each cheek as my wife looked on with a grin on her face. I was told to do a good job or I would get more. They went for a walk, and I was left alone to do the work. I did a good job and am there a lot doing odd jobs for her.

— James, 62