My Daughter's Teacher

I went to my daughter's parents' evening with my wife. I sat down next to her very hot-looking, twenty-year-old teacher. She started stroking my leg under the table, so I took little trips up her skirt with my fingers. Then, while my wife excused herself to a private conversation outside, she slid her hands down my pants and was squeezing me. She gave me her number and, later that night, I found out she lived next door. She asked me to help her fix her computer, so I went along to find her answer the door completely in the nude. She slammed the door behind me and staring kissing me whilst roughly handling my package. We then ended up doing it on the stairs. About two hours later, my wife knocked on the door. We didn't answer, so she looked through the letterbox and saw us doing it. Eventually, the teacher opened the door to her, and my wife barged in and stated kissing her. We now have frequent threesomes!

— Dylan, 41