I Never Did This Before

Matt and I went on a kayaking trip. When we came back to shore, he fell in the water and got soaked. We loaded the kayaks on the car, and he was still wet. Matt said, "I can take the suit off and ride back drying the suit out the window." This was the first time I had seen a guy so naked that I guess I was staring at his package. I started the car and was driving down the dirt road to the highway when he said, "You can touch it. It won't bite". As I looked again, it was getting excited, and he was holding it. So, I pulled over and touched him. The gear shift was in the way, so I got out, went around the car, and opened the door. I kneeled down and said, "I never did this before, so help me out," as I started. This was such a great experience. I asked if he could do me and took off my suit. We drove home afterwards naked from the waist down, touching ourselves to get ready for another round. I think I'm really going to like doing this on a regular basis. I'm not telling my girlfriend about this.

— Dave, 35