Wildest Fantasy Come True

My wife and her family have always been close. I never really knew how close until her brother, sister, and their spouses went to the lake with us one weekend. My wife's sister, Candice, is incredibly hot. Her husband, Tom, was a college football player and stays in great shape. Maury, my brother-in-law, and his wife, Laurie, are both athletic, good-looking people. So, when Maureen and I agreed to meet them at the lake for a weekend of bonding and fun in the water, I thought nothing of it. We all took Friday off and met at our cabin around noon. Our lake house is a small, three-bedroom, open floor plan, meaning none of the rooms has a door on it, not even the bathroom. Everyone got into their swim suits and we headed down the hill to the dock. Candice was wearing a thong bikini and walked right in front of me. I couldn't tear my eyes away from her beautiful body. I looked to my right and Maureen just grinned at me knowing I had been ogling her sister. Suddenly, Candice stopped cold and bent over to pick up a rock. I nearly ran her over. Grabbing her hips to keep her from falling, I noticed she was pushing back in to me. Thinking she was merely bracing herself from falling, I just helped her up and continued down to the water. We got in the lake and swam around for a bit. Knowing how sensitive I am to the sun, I excused myself from the fun after about and hour and returned to the cabin. I walked in, dropped my trunks at the door to the bathroom, and got in the shower. After a couple of minutes in the shower, I heard a voice in the cabin. I assumed it was Maureen and continued washing off my sun block when, to my surprise, Candice stepped through the shower curtain completely naked. She looked down and eyed my business and then dropped to her knees. The best oral I've ever had was right there in that shower. I returned the favor, and then we made our way to my bed and had the wildest romp of my life. After we finished our first round of sex, Laurie walked in and stripped of her suit. I told them we were going to get caught, but they just laughed. This was my wildest fantasy come true. The weekend continued with wild, raunchy sex at every turn. I loved it. I got to experience my first threesome with two women. My dilemma is simply this; as a conservative pastor, where to from here? We've already planned to meet again in two weeks for a Saturday event. I have to be back to preach on Sunday.

— Lawrence, 37