Only Real Men Try

It all happened one day when my wife went to work, and I took the day off from work. I started putting some laundry away. I came across her panties. Well, I had to try them on. They were light blue and silk. Once I knew I was home alone, I stripped off my underwear and put hers on. Oh, what a feeling that gave me! My package stood right out there. Then, I went through her dresser and found her pantyhose and put them on. Wow! So, I kept on going through her stuff. I found a half-slip and put that on, too. It felt so good with all that silk on me. I walked around the house with it on. Then I went to do some other things around the house like cleaning. Well, that day my wife came home early. She had only worked half a day, but I did not hear her come in. Then, there she was, just looking at me. To my surprise, she said, "I love you in that silk." Then she came over to me, went right to her knees, and gave me oral sex. Luckily, I had her crotch-less panties and nylons on. Then she asked if I could wear panties and nylons all the time. She said she would like see it all the time. I said, "Yes, I can." So, the next day when I got home from work, there on the bed were new panties of all colors, pantyhose, and even a half slip. I'm glad she saw me in them because I enjoy them, too. She told me only real men try and she's glad I did.

— Toby, 46