Well Connected

It was lunchtime when she noticed the old pickup truck rocking at the curb outside her window. She called me over to the curtains and we peeked through discreetly. Sure enough, the two college students we're going at it 10 feet away. At this point, neither cared much who noticed - even people on the sidewalk. My girlfriend's 6-year old played on the floor in front of the TV, oblivious. We held on to each other quietly and watched, but her nails started digging into my shoulder. As hungers rose, we decided to warm tortillas and cheese on the stove, but the food and the sex got all mixed together. She was tall and thin and beautiful in her long soft skirt. She loved to lounge around the house in these things. She had no trouble mirroring my attentive attitude as she turned to face me with a smile. She leaned me back against the stove so we could both still cook and eat. For the next 30 minutes, her son dashed in and out of the kitchen, chattering, still oblivious, to get another tortilla, then back to the TV. He was used to seeing us holding each other kissing and talking, fully clothed of course. Grown ups, how boring. He never suspected how well connected we were. We continued happily cooking and eating and smiling. What a joy! What an appetite!

— Daniel, 30