Mistake In Identity

I normally go out after football drinking with a mate of mine. When we come home late, my wife likes if I sleep in the back room. She doesn't like my snoring. On one occasion, I was out until late after a game with my mate. We decided he should stay at my place as he was too drunk to drive. When we got to my place, my mate slept in the study, and I went to bed in the back room. Well, I jumped into bed naked only to find someone in the bed. I thought my wife came out to surprise me. After a little fondling, we had some great sex and fell asleep. I woke early. It was still dark, and we had some more great sex. I got up and went into the kitchen only to find my wife and friend having coffee. "Well," I thought, "Who was that I had sex with?" Then my wife explained that her eighty-year-old mother had come to visit the night before. Her mother came out of the room with a smile on her face. She looked at my mate and just smiled. I spoke with her later, and she said she liked my friend. She said he could put his shoes under her bed any time. Do you think I should tell her?

— Eric, 48