Wife Has A Lover

Mike, a neighbor, saved my life a few years back. He pushed me out of the way of a car that rolled downhill from a neighbor's while we were all out in the yard. Since that day, my wife started showing him more and more attention, until it was obvious she wanted him. After he would come over, she would always be hot. Soon, I was inviting him over just to get her hot, and they would make excuses to be alone. Finally, I told him that she wanted him, and I knew it, and I told him it was okay. He looked me in the eye and told me he knew it and wanted her but only under the condition that she be his whore in any way he wanted. I almost lost it in my pants right there. Since then, my wife goes to him when he calls and sometimes spends the night. She comes back and tells me what he does to her, how he uses her, and how he forces her to have orgasms after orgasms. Sometimes, she allows me to have her afterwards.

— Roger, 45