My Actions Hurt Nobody

I love wearing bras and panties. I wear them whenever I can get away with it. I have driven across the country in panties and a bra under my shirt and short shorts. I leave the top three buttons undone when I go in to pay for gas. I lean over the counter when I can and ask the clerk about something in the counter or about something on the counter, but I always like to lean over so they can see the lacy top portion of my bra. Sometimes they smile. Sometimes they squint up their face and look confused. Sometimes it is a young girl, older woman, young guy or older guy. I wear a 40C with cleavage. I have always had large breasts. I don't know why. I then will get into my convertible and drive down the highway with my shirt unbuttoned and drive past truckers or sometimes a van. I sometimes hold the shirt shut until I see who is in the van, and then I let it fly open. I really enjoyed that trip. I have had other experiences dressed and enjoy the turn-on I get from it. I have never been with a guy nor do I even want to. I do this alone and hurt nobody.

— Tobias, 56