House-Sitting Cross-Dresser

I had to housesit for a friend of mine who works in an office as an executive. She dresses well, and she's about my size, so almost everything fits except her shoes, but I've even bought a few pairs just like hers. I like to see what she's wearing if I'm at her house when she gets home. Once or twice, I've managed to see her naked or undressing, and I get excited thinking about it. While she was out of town, I wore her clothes and pretended I was her. I dressed up in her lingerie, slept in her bed, and even used her vibrator on myself every night. One afternoon, I put on her two-piece bikini with a blonde wig and sunglasses, and I laid out face-down on the back patio. I'm pretty sure some of the neighbors saw me and might have thought it was her at that distance. I got up and walked in the house. I then went to her room and masturbated myself. The best part is being around her while I'm wearing a pair of her panties that I 'borrowed'.

— Gabe, 38