My Wife And Best Friend

For many years, I've told my lovely young wife, Mary, that I'd love to watch her having sex with another man. Sometimes we'd role play during sex that I was her ex-boyfriend from her college years, but she'd never actually consider having sex with anyone else. That is until when my best friend, Larry, was going through a nasty divorce. My wife and I offered to let him to stay at our home for awhile until he could get back on his feet. Right away, I noticed an attraction between Larry and my wife. I'd catch glimpses of him just watching her, and sometimes she'd flirt with him without even realizing it. It wasn't long before I was fantasizing about my wife having sex with him! One night, while my wife and I were in bed, I asked her to role play, but this time I asked her to "pretend" that I was Larry. I never saw her so hot before! After a few exciting nights of pretending that I was Larry, I asked Mary if she wanted to make this fantasy a reality, and she said, "Definitely!" without hesitation. That evening I talked to Larry and confided about our fantasy. He loved the idea! That night and almost every night for two months, I watched my best friend and my wife making passionate love.

— Ralph, 40