Movies In The Basement

We moved to a small town where my wife's boss lives and close to the city where my wife works. He came over when she wasn't in and left a bottle of wine as a welcoming gift. My wife then invited him over for dinner, but his wife couldn't come. My wife dressed casually and a little too revealing as well. He could barely take his eyes from her breasts that poked braless through her loose cotton blouse or from her bare thighs every time she crossed her legs. As we finished dessert, she suggested watching a movie she had rented. We sat on bean bags for our furniture was still on the way. The remote got lost in the move, so every time she stood up to adjust the TV settings, I got a good view of her thighs and even her thong. I didn't know how to prevent her boss from getting the same type of views, but I was getting excited. The movie was coincidentally about a woman that was seduced by her boss. My wife got closer to me and carefully began stroking me through my pants as she bent one knee obviously revealing herself to him. Unable to have sex with my wife right there, I went up and masturbated. When I came back down, she discretely pleasured herself as he watched the movie.

— Joseph, 42