Utterly Fantastic!

I'm married to a gorgeous girl who is a little younger than myself at twenty-seven. It has always been my fantasy for my wife to date another guy, a fantasy that we only kept in the bedroom. One day, my wife, Tina, came home from doing some shopping and that night, whilst we were in bed, she said that she got chatted up by a guy who worked in this furniture shop. She told me about this as we had sex, as she knew it would turn me on incredibly. I honestly wanted her to make contact with this guy again. It took a while, but she eventually chatted to him and took up an offer of a lunchtime coffee. This literally sent me over the edge, and I was especially aroused as she told me what they chatted about; life, work, hobbies, etc. Even better was when she told me she got his cell number. I think she saw a totally different side of me as this really did turn me on. He had texted her about two days later, asking her out for a dinner date. She was a little unsure but eventually took up the offer. To cut a long story short, and not to mention the three times she nearly pulled out of it, she went. I even dropped her off a little distance from the restaurant. We did go shopping that day for clothes and undies, and she even got her hair done. The night ended with him taking her for a drive. They did it in the back of the car. That's not romantic, I know, but the guy ended up to be very well-endowed and uncut, which she has never seen. From then on, it has been great. She sees a guy regularly who she met through a friend. He is older than her at forty-two but with all the stats plus more, if you know what I mean. Once a week, she goes to his place. Since this has happened, our sex life has been utterly fantastic.

— Nathanial, 34