Sexy Mother-In-Law

My mother-in-law must be one of the sexiest women in town besides my wife. She has the most awesome figure for a sixty-three-year-old woman. I have often thought about what it would be like to spend an hour or two in her bed, and I have often carried out my fantasy on my wife who, by the way, is aware of the way I feel. There are certain clothes that she wears that just turn me on. She has these black slacks which show off the curvatures of her pear-shaped backside. I have often in passing slightly brushed my hand over her ripe buttocks which she is well aware that I am doing, but my heart pulsates and wants to take it to another level. My wife knows how I feel about those black slacks and, when my fantasy is away, we have visited her house on more that one occasion, and she has worn them for me and allowed me to get naked and slip myself between her legs. I have even been there and worn her clothes whilst she was away and taken myself to a high level and beyond. Events are extremely special (birthdays, Christmas, and New Year) as I get to plant a kiss on her lovely lips. Many years ago, I was sitting in her lounge whilst she was talking on the phone. I took out my package and took myself to a high level. One could only imagine what could have happened had she walked/looked around the corner.

— Carlton, 43