Feeling Frisky

I was staying with a friend and his wife in Germany while I was in Munich on music business. They were from Poland but immigrated some years earlier. My friend went to Poland to do business and left me with his wife. I had been in Europe for several weeks, and with my wife back at home in the states, I was feeling frisky to say the least. Temptation got the best of me. I asked her if I could do some laundry, and when she said yes, I told her I was going to wash all of my clothes. In fact, I put all of my things except a t-shirt into the washer. I walked back out into their living room after starting the washer. She sat in her chair drinking coffee. I sat across from her wearing just the shirt and nothing else. I was careful to pull the hem down far enough for modesty's sake, but it was clear to her that all I had on was the shirt. I caught her glimpsing at my bare hips and upper legs several times. She offered coffee, and I accepted. She brought me a cup, and we sat and talked for what seemed hours. During that time, we smoked cigs and had more coffee. I stretched my legs out and allowed my shirt to ride higher. I saw her looking at me in the corner of my eye. It was my impression that she enjoyed looking at me half dressed. I knew I shouldn't have been behaving this way, but frankly, it gave me a thrill. While drinking my coffee, I looked her directly in the eyes and reached under my t-shirt and scratched my chest. In doing so, my shirt was pulled up to mid-belly, exposing my privates. She did not break eye contact. When I looked to one side, I noticed her gaze fall to my lap. She looked at my package and never looked away. She offered more coffee, and we sat there talking for another hour or so at least. I was very tempted to try and seduce her, but I thought better of pushing the envelope that far. All in all, it was a very exciting evening of innocent fun.

— Ernie, 51