Multiple Sets

I take it to the extreme by wearing multiple sets of bras and panties at one time. My record is thirty-one pairs of panties and twenty-six bras. I remember how hard it was to breathe, but I loved the way the bra straps felt so tight. The panties were snug, and layers of silkiness pressed against my member. I like to wear five pairs of pantyhose. I'm wearing fourteen bras and seventeen pairs of panties right now. I wear women's underwear as much as possible. I love to get chancy by going out in public dressed only in ladies' lingerie. I once wore a pink, under-wire bra, a matching high-cut, brief panty, a garter belt, and lace-top stockings. I then drove my car around the town in broad day light. I was so turned on. I also love panty lines and bra bumps. Then I stand in front of a mirror and relieve myself. I really love women's underwear. I just get really excited about bras and panties!

— Rick, 37