The Girls Next Door

About thirty years ago, when I was a teenager, I moved into to a new house. While I moved in, my new neighbor came out to introduce herself and her family. She was a sexiest forty-year-old I had ever seen. She was wearing a tight, work-out pant so you could see the outline of her body. Anyway, she had a husband, two boys, and a girl. My family was at a party over at their house, and the daughter showed me her room. Just to be funny, someone shut the door and shut off the lights. Then, we got into her bed to hide from them. Then I said, "Can I kiss you?" and she said okay. That turned into wild sex. She started to give me slow, oral sex. Then her mom comes in. She then jumps in, and we had sex together. We were all tangled up together. It was the best night ever. It turns out that her mom would say I was sleeping over at her house with their brother, but we went to our own room. I was only nineteen.

— Orio, 49