Death By Happiness

My son and his wife, Janet, have been going through a bad patch. I went round one morning for a heart-to-heart with Janet to see if I could help. I found Janet in bed, very hung over and emotional after a blazing row with my son. Janet is an absolute stunner. She is twenty-eight and looks like a young Elizabeth Taylor, very slender with long, black hair. I sat on the bed, we talked, and I cuddled her. I could see her breasts down the top of her nightie, and I was soon very excited. To cut a long story short, I was soon laying next to her, kissing her, and she was responding. We began having sex, and she was absolutely animal. She was the hottest woman I'd ever been with, and I've been with a few. Since then, I have arranged for her to do a spot of cleaning at my bungalow a couple of times each week. Every time she arrives, my fingers are up her skirt before the front door has closed. I've introduced her to anal. I've photographed her in various sexy poses. On one occasion, I let my friend, Brad, join us. He's sixty-eight. It was so hot watching him have sex with her. When they were done, I thought he was going to die of happiness.

— Donnie, 62