Fantasy Come True

I am a fifty-year-old that wears fem clothing under my male clothes. I went to a nude beach one day because I love the sun. As I was walking around in my pink cami and matching panties, I got a lot of looks. Some of them were good, some bad. That didn't stop me from enjoying my day. As I was walking, this well-built man saw me and liked what he was looking at. He nodded for me to follow him to the woods close by. I couldn't help myself, so I followed him with ease. When we were by ourselves, he said that he liked my pink cami and panties. He then grabbed my hand so gently and put it on his huge package. This made so excited that I had to give him oral. Things started to happen like another man showed up, and I started to touch him at the same time. Then, another came up from behind me and started to play with my backside. I stared to get all of these guys so excited that they took turns having sex with me. This was so exciting that by the time that we were all done, I had made a mess all over my cami and undies. I am glad that I got to experience this because this was a fantasy come true.

— Bo, 50