Needy Neighbor

Amanda and Hank live across the street. Hank recently bought a business that he can run with a bad back. This leaves Amanda home alone, and every time I'm working in the yard without a shirt on, she comes over to talk. One day, she asked me to plant some flowers for her. The sweat was pouring off me, and she said how sexy it looked and could she rub her hands over my bare chest. She told me Hank has not had sex with her since he hurt his back a few years ago. She took me into her house, told me to shower, and then she closed the door. Next she opened the shower door, got into the shower, and asked if she could wash my back. She started with my back but did more than that. Amanda led me to the bed and asked if I would make love to her. We had intercourse and, after I finished, she was still horny. So, I gave her oral for half an hour. She had never had oral and never given oral. A few days later, she came over to my house. She told me she had told Hank about having sex with me, and he told her to ask if he could watch the next time. I never had sex with anyone watching much less another man and husband. I was a little leery but said okay and suggested we do it that night. Thinking I would need all my energy, I took a Cialis before going over. Hank was in a robe, and Amanda had on a sexy nightgown, stockings, and heeled slippers. She made drinks and sat next to me with Hank across from us. Hank asked if he could video us together so Amanda could watch the video to help take care of her needs. Well, to make a long story short, we had wild sex. When we finished, Hank was holding himself, and I asked if I could help him out. I just felt still turned on, and this was the first time I ever did a man. I found it enjoyable. Amanda watched me and said to Hank that she could do that. Now, they are both happy knowing they can give and get oral satisfaction. It felt good giving oral to a man. I guess it's because a man knows what feels good to himself. I want to try it again. Hopefully, Hank liked it. I was a little embarrassed to talk about it that night.

— Wayne, 55