She Didn't Knock

One night, I was very horny. I put a porno DVD in the player and got out my vibrator. I set the vibrator between two pillows and was lying on my stomach. I didn't hear my next door neighbor come in. All of a sudden, I heard a noise and turned over with my rod sticking straight up. She said my door was unlocked and she wanted to ask me if I wanted to go to the movies. I was a little embarrassed at what she was seeing, but she came right out with, "I was just horny and needed a release." She asked if she could help me since she had interrupted me, and then she put her hand on it. She said she never did oral because she was afraid it would gag her. I said I would be gentle and would just lay back and not move. It was so slow that it seemed like hours that she worked on it. I exploded, and she took most of it. We didn't go to the movies, but I satisfied her with oral, also.

— Quinn, 55