Mother and Daughter

To start off with, I'm very happily married and have a great sex life with my wife. I had been transferred to a new job within my company, and my co-worker was a gal who was then aged forty, which made her five years my senior. She was a gal right out of Playboy. She had a very pretty face and a body to match. We worked together as she was training me in on the job. We had lunches together on most days and shared coffee breaks twice a day. I thought she was the prettiest thing I had ever seen. I wanted her badly, but I was happy at home and didn't want to mess that up. After a few months of working together, we started to take walks on our breaks. She started touching my elbow and arm as we walked. The first few times I thought I was walking too closely, and not a word was said about it. This kept going on for a month. We did talk about it, but she was shy and had a happy home life so we just stayed good friends. A few months went by and my department had an all-member class offsite at a hotel which had a bar. After the day-long class, we had a little R and R at the bar with about twelve other department members. My co-worker was by my side like normal and was getting quite drunk. Her daughter, who was sixteen and worked next door, needed a ride home. So, my co-worker asked if I could give them a ride home. She promised the others that we would catch up with them at a different location in about an hour. I drove them (mother, daughter and another female co-worker) to drop off the daughter. The three of us got to the meeting stop before the rest of the crew. There were more drinks, dancing, and lots of rubbing between us. After a few hours, I needed to get home. The co-worker wanted a ride back to her car at the first bar. We did a lot of kissing and touching, and she gave me oral. After that night we got together for sex maybe twenty more times. Then I was transferred again to an office about five hundred miles away. Twelve years had passed when one day I was having blood drawn at the doctor's office. The nurse taking my blood turned out to be the daughter of my old co-worker. She recognized my name as we talked in the doctor's office. I asked about her mom only to learn that she had passed away five years earlier. The daughter said her mother had frequently talked about us. It made me sad to know that we'd never again be in touch, so to speak. The daughter had tons of questions for me. To make a long story shorter, we got together many times to talk about her mom. One thing led to another, and now I know she is twenty-eight and I am fifty-two and single. We are having a good time for now.

— Sorenson, 52