Sex With Mom's Friend

It was a Sunday morning, and my mom was cooking some oatmeal. We were out of milk. I told her to use water, but she wouldn't listen. So, she sent me to a little corner store a block away from my house. That's where her sexy best friend worked. When I walked in, she was wearing a short skirt and a tight shirt. I said hi, and we started talking for a while. I asked her where they kept the milk. She said, "I'll show you." She took me to a dark room, opened the door, and bent over to get a gallon of milk. She wasn't wearing any panties! I got horny and, for some reason, started to touch her butt. She liked it. She looked at me and said in a soft voice, "Follow me to the employee lounge." She took me to the door and peeked in to make sure no one was there. Then we went in and got our freak on. A few minutes later, somebody opened the door. It was the manager, and we were busted. He fired her and banned me from the store, but it was funny as hell.

— Omar, 24