She Shared With Her Boss

When she turned forty, she became worried about her sex appeal. I suggested that she wear more attractive clothes to work just to see if she could still turn heads. The day she wore her mid-thigh length skirt, her thirty-year-old boss had no other choice than to compliment her legs. She felt so pleased that she wore her upper-thigh length skirt the next day. When she went in his office, he complimented her legs again and asked her out for lunch. She told him she had her lunch bag, but she was willing share her sandwich with him if he wanted. Once in the coffee room, he couldn't resist to pinch her butt when she bent over the counter to reach for napkins. She knew she was attractive that day but never thought that could ever happen. She shared her lunch and my dinner with him but asked me not to blame her for it because it was my idea for her to wear more attractive clothes to work.

— Horatio, 42