Without Waking Her

My friend's sister, Mindy, came in from her senior prom and spent the night at our house so that she could come in late. We all took pictures, talked about the dance, and then all went to bed. Mindy stayed on the couch in the living room. I waited for about two hours until everyone was asleep and got up very cautiously. Already both nervous and excited, I snuck into the living room and lay down by the sofa. I pulled up some of the covers and lifted them carefully so not to wake her. I stood looking at her until she woke up. We then had intense sex. Then we heard a noise. I quickly got up and hid in the dinning room. My mother came into the kitchen for a snack. Mindy acted like she was asleep while I hid under the table. As my mother went back to bed, I could hear Mindy say, "It's okay. She's gone." I went back to the couch and we kissed for what seemed like hours. We made love one more time, and then I went back to bed before the sun came up. The next morning, my mother and Mindy were in the kitchen having coffee. I overheard them talking about her date. She said that her date wanted to only get in her panties, so she asked him to bring her home early. I was so glad he did!

— Curtis, 18