Every Way I Could

I've never had any trouble with women before, but there was this one girl who I've always had a thing for. I know it was mutual, but it seemed that every time one of us was available, the other one wasn't. Once we were at this little bar and it was closing down. We were both pretty lit and had been doing a little dirty dancing. We grabbed a few beers for the road, and I asked her if she wanted to go with me. We took off. I really wasn't sure if she wanted the same thing as me. It didn't take long to figure out the answer was yes. We then stopped in this old graveyard and got out of the car. I had a blanket in my car (not by accident), so we laid the blanket on the ground and I proceeded to have sex with this girl. We decided to head home. We stopped again and continued having sex. By then it was daylight. As we finished, I looked over and about ten feet away stood a policeman staring right at me. I freaked out and tapped her head. She popped her head up, and the cop didn't know what to think. I rolled my window down. He apologized to me and then wished us a good day. He was so embarrassed. She was happy and, boy, so was I!

— Cory, 22