Gotta Love Vegas!

I was in Vegas for a buddy's bachelor party. We were there just for the weekend. I'm married, so it was really tough to be there surrounded by booze, strippers, and hot women for the weekend. However, I had been good the whole time there, and my flight back home was on a Sunday morning at like 6:00 a.m., so my plan was just to stay up all night Saturday night. Around 2:00 a.m., our group broke up because everyone was leaving the next morning. I was planning on heading back to my hotel from the bar when I saw this really hot, petite, Southern redhead. I started talking to her and before I knew it, I was buying her drinks and massaging her back and shoulders. Pretty soon we were making out right there in the bar. We wanted to hang out more, but her friend was drunk and about to pass out. Plus, my flight was about to leave in just a few hours. So, as we were leaving, I told her I wanted to pleasure her. We both snuck into the girls' bathroom and went into the last stall. We then had oral sex. We discreetly left the bathroom and blended back in with the Vegas crowds and never saw each other again. Gotta love Vegas!

— Thomas, 29