Wife Sharing

From early in our marriage, I started to fantasize about my wife and other men. It started at a party when I saw her kissing one of our friends. Instead of being jealous, the more I thought about it, the more I was turned on. Over the next few years, usually when I was caressing her, I started to say how she must turn on other men. Finally, one night when she was drunk and I had her feeling sexy, I asked her if anyone had felt her where I was feeling her. To my excitement, she said yes. She had done some tempting, and the young boss had taken her to lunch and then for more drinks in his office. She admitted they had ended up pleasuring each other. Since that day, I have encouraged her to go farther until eventually she made love to another man. She now does this once or twice a year and always tells me about it. So, keep on trying guys, it's great!

— Thomas, 58