Making Up

I have been with my wife, Suzanne, for about thirteen years. We're an older couple both in our fifties, and she is a plus-sized woman. I really love her, I think she's beautiful, and we still have a terrific sex life. Often during our lovemaking we fantasize about watching each other having sex with other people. We have spoken seriously about hooking up with others in a threesome or with another couple, but she is very self-conscious about her weight. Just recently, we finally saw an ad placed by a couple where the woman was also a big woman. We met up with Don and Luisa at a coffee shop. After a brief meeting, we all went back to our place to see where things might go from there. Since both couples were "first timers" at this, we were all very tentative at first and decided that for a first encounter we would like to stick with our own partner and just watch the other couple. We began by just kissing. But when I looked over at Luisa, it was all I could do to control myself. After some minutes, Luisa invited Suzanne to go to bed with her. "Not the guys," she said quickly, "Just the girls. You guys have to stay here." The two women headed into the bedroom, and Luisa closed the door behind them. So, that night my wife finally ended up with another woman, and I never even got to watch. Suzanne confided to me later that during their encounter, Luisa had told her she always wanted to be with a woman but did not want to do it just to entertain the guys. She also said that she liked to tease Gary, but that she would make it up to him later that night. Suzanne then said, "Well, I guess I'll have to make it up to you as well!"

— Joe, 56