Good While It Lasted

Shortly after my wife and I were married, we went to an adult theatre. She said she'd never been and was curious. She was wearing a sheer button-up white blouse with no bra, and she had on a short skirt with no panties. After we seated ourselves in the back row, I started unbuttoning my wife's blouse. She looked across the aisle and whispered in my ear, "Look at that guy's big package." I glanced at him and agreed. I could tell she was getting horny watching this guy. So, we got up and went to the booths in the back. We go in, and a few minutes later, he shows up. He asks if he can watch. By this time, she is naked. She told him to come on in. I turned to put some more quarters in. When I turned around, she was already giving him oral sex. His package looked so nice. I gave him some, also. My wife liked that all the more. A month later, we met him at a hotel where he had sex with my wife. We met regularly over the next few years. I loved watching him do her. She looked so sexy. He and I are both bi-sexual, and we still meet occasionally. My wife has since lost interest in sex. It was nice while it lasted.

— Broderick, 51