I Simply Can't Change

Hello, I am thirty-two years old and have been married for thirteen years. About three years into the marriage, my wife found my panty collection. Yes, I love to wear panties and other objects of women's underwear collections. She has never suspected it. I am totally addicted to them. I have been wearing panties since I was about six or seven years old. I want to wear them all the time, but I am afraid of how it makes her feel and because it gets her upset. I wish I wasn't like this for her sake, but I feel as if I can never change. I want help in order to change. I wish she was a little more open-minded. I'm afraid she is very closed-minded, though. Am I one of only a few men out there who do this? Are there women who accept men with fetishes of this sort? Are there women who are aroused by men in panties? My wife says NO!

— Horatio, 32