My Friend Caught Me

When I was nineteen, I used to wear my stepsister's panties, slips, bras and other things. One day, when I was in her room, I had on a pair of satin panties and the matching bra when my friend came in the room. I froze. I didn't know what to say or do. At one time, we had experimented with kissing and touching each other in a gay experience. It was okay, but then we moved on, so to speak. Well, this brought it all back. We started it up again. But this time, I would dress up in his sister's lingerie or my stepsister's, and we would have sex. I, of course, would be the female on the bottom, and he would be on top. It lasted for about three years. I am still bi and still play the female role whenever I can.

— Jason, 50