Mail In Silk

We have one of those community mail boxes, and tonight I forgot about the mail. My wife was over at a baby shower. I put on a pink, sexy nightie. I went out to get the mail, which is two houses down and about thirty feet down on the side. I got there, heart racing. It was dark out but still. I grabbed the mail and started walking back. I felt so thrilled, like I was going to get busted. Just than, out of nowhere, this car was at the stop sign. It didn't stop for long and turned down the street. I was face-to-face with the car. I kept walking down the street as they passed. They made no indication of stopping or anything. They just kept on driving. I didn't look at them, so I'm not sure who was all in the car. But I was scared and excited at the same time. I then went back out there and stood on the corner for about ten minutes. No cars came by. As soon as I got in the house, I was going to masturbate, but then I heard the garage door open. My wife was home. I quickly changed. The first thing she said was, "Did you get the mail?" I just smiled and said, "Yes!" It was a thrill to be outside in that nightie! Wow!

— Walter, 32