Business Travel Bonus

I had to travel to a different state for work. I have had internet sex with a lady from that area, so I told her I was coming and asked if we could meet in person. She agreed to meet me as long as it was okay with me that she brought a friend along. She wanted to feel safe, you know, just in case I was a murderer or something. I agreed because I wanted to meet the lady on the other end of my keyboard. As I waited in the hotel restaurant, the waiter brought to my table these two smoking hot babes. One was a redhead and the other a brunette. The redhead, my internet babe, introduced herself as Glenna. She then introduced me to her friend, Emily. After dinner and a couple of drinks, the three of us went up to my room. Emily asked Glenna if she should leave. Glenna told her, "No! I'm going to share him with you, too!" After much fooling around, it was time to get to business, which I gladly did. I've had to travel back there quite frequently. Every time I come into town, we get together and we always have some fun.

— Sam, 44