Beyond The Football Workout

When I was in college, I played on the freshman football team. I loved running the ball down the field, which I got to do a lot as a tailback. As the season progressed, I began to notice the center's butt and the package on the quarterback more and more. Every time the center hiked the ball, I wished it were me with my hands between his legs to receive the hike and my nose near his butt. And when the quarterback would hand off the ball to me, I kept wishing he were handing me his privates. Of course, I never let either of them know about my attraction to their butt and privates. One day after practice, we were all taking showers. I got to the showers late because the coach wanted to chat a minute about improvements he thought I could make. When I got into the locker room, I stripped down and went into the showers. The only two guys left there were the center and the quarterback. They were laughing and horsing around, slapping each other on the butt with a towel. As they jumped to avoid getting slapped with the towel, their privates would bounce in the air. My heart skipped a beat, and I started to get excited watching them. Then Gregg, the quarterback, noticed my excitement and started to tease me about being attracted to guys. Justin, the center, started slapping me with the towel and asking me if I wanted to give him oral sex. Although I think they were kidding at first, my reaction must have tipped them off that I indeed was aroused by them. I longed to give both of them oral as well as have sex with each of them. They looked at one another and smiled devilishly. Then Gregg suggested that we go down the hall. Justin and Gregg then pulled me by the arm to an empty coach's office. Once there, the two of them began to have sex with me. Gregg did oral while Justin did full sex. Afterwards, while they were recovering and still breathing deeply, I jumped up and said, "Thank you, gentlemen. It's my turn!" They were both shocked but did not resist. We only had one more week of practice after that before the season was over, but the three of us had our own workouts until the end of the school year.

— Ryan, 23