Used By A Friend

I have dressed as a woman since I was about ten. The other week when my parents and sister were away, I dressed in some of the underwear I had collected. I put on a pink pair of silk panties, a black bra, and I put my sister's school dress on over them. I was in my bedroom with the radio on, having just put on my wig and makeup, when my best friend walked in. I don't know who was most shocked. He said, "I did knock. You must not have heard." He sat on the bed, and we talked about things as if this was the most normal thing. After a while, a slow tune played on the radio, and he asked for a dance. As we danced closely, I could feel his excitement. He kissed me passionately, laid me on the bed, and we continued to kiss. As we kissed, I could feel his hand sliding up my thigh, closer and closer to the silk panties I was wearing. When he touched me, I almost exploded. He pulled the dress up and looked at my panties and said, "They look very nice." I was on cloud nine. I was enjoying the humiliation of the whole thing. Before I knew what was happening, I had undone his trousers and was giving him oral sex. After he recovered, he suggested taking photos of me in various poses. Since then, I have dressed for him and done everything he asks of me. He threatens me with showing the photos to people. I let him think that's why I let him use me, but it's really because I like it.

— Jordan, 19