The Hottest Kiss Ever

The hottest kiss I ever got was this past weekend on my birthday from my hot, fifty-one-year-old mother-in-law. After singing "Happy Birthday", we exchanged the normal hug. Being very attracted to her, I seized the opportunity to slide my hand casually down her back and rested it for a few seconds on her tight butt. After several minutes of visiting had passed, she asked me to give her a hand in the garage. I followed her into the garage. As the door closed behind us, she said she wanted to give me a real birthday kiss. She opened her mouth, and we began to make out. Our hands explored every inch of each other's body. I rubbed her big, round breasts over and over. We finished by looking at each other while we felt each other's private parts. We knew someone would come looking for us, so we had to stop. When we left the next day, when saying goodbye, she quickly leaned into me and inserted her tongue into my mouth. Wow! I look forward to seeing her again.

— Christopher, 30