Posing Nude For Mom

I am nineteen and live with my mother who is divorced from my dad. She is fifty-two and is an artist who owns a small gallery specializing in women's artwork. She runs a sketch class for women once a week. There are about eight women in the class, and they range from early twenties to middle sixties. One night, the male model for the class called in sick just before the class started and as the women began to arrive. My mom asked if I would mind posing. She said it was only for an hour or so and that she would pay me what she pays the model, which is more than $100.00. I said sure, as long as she wouldn't be embarrassed. She said the main thing was that I shouldn't be embarrassed, and she said she was happy that I was being "so mature" about it. I didn't care. I figured I could make some money and probably have some fun. That night there were six women in attendance. One woman, around forty, brought her daughter who was about sixteen. Two of the women were retired and in their fifties. One woman was a teacher around forty, and the other one was a really good-looking woman in her early fifties. I got up on the platform and took off the robe I had on. Nobody said anything. They just put their heads down and occasionally looked up and sketched me while I stood in a certain pose that my mom had put me in. When it was finally all over, I saw some of the sketches, and they actually weren't too bad. My mom paid me and said I had done a good job. She was very happy that I wasn't embarrassed and that I handled it all "very maturely".

— Tommy, 19