Movie Arcades

When I was younger, I used to go to adult book stores and watch movies in the back booths. One day, I walked back, and there were the usual trolls standing around, and two mean-looking black guys talking to each other. I entered one of the booths, put a quarter in, and started watching the movie. It was not what I wanted to see, so I moved to the last booth. I closed the door, sat down, put the quarter in, and started to watch. I don't think I was in there two minutes when the door kicked open, and one of the black guys was standing there. He said, "Well, white boy, I got something for you," and he unzipped his pants and pulled out his package. He said he wanted me to give him oral. He told his partner to make sure no one came back there. He walked closer to me and said, "Now, you better do it good." I got this strange sensation all over my body and this warm feeling in the pit of my stomach. I know I am not gay, but I am really starting to like this. He said to keep it down so we wouldn't get caught. But I did not care at this point. When he finished, I looked at him and said, "Want to go again?" He said, "Not here." So, he, his friend, and I got in his car and drove to the end of a dead end street. The three of us got in the back seat, and I gave them each oral sex to completion and loved every minute of it. That was my first oral encounter but not my last. I still don't consider myself gay. I like women, but I also like to give men oral.

— Quentin, 55