Neighborly With A Touch

When we moved to this house, our neighbors were very kind. They helped us unload the truck and place our stuff in every room. My wife got a muscle cramp when trying to lift an armoire. Our neighbor was so kind and attentive as to provide her with heat patches and soft massage. My wife felt much better. We got lucky that he offered to take care of her because I don't know anything about muscle cramps. He came back home at night to change her heat patch and provide her with another soft massage. This time, he applied hot cream. I was happy her leg was healing. She called him again the next morning, but he could not come until noon. He sacrificed his lunch break to take care of my wife. I could not be there, but my wife told me he was very gentle and attentive. My wife took advantage of his skills and asked him to take care of her old lower back injury. She told me it was no problem for him to make time for her back in addition to her thighs. After a couple of weeks, she got completely better. I was so thankful of our neighbor that I offered him $50.00 to come weekly to take care of my wife who is always complaining of muscle pain.

— Ivan, 42