Added A Fourth

My wife has been bringing home random men from the bar and having sex with them as I watch from the closet. Then, at a certain point of their intercourse, I join in. The other night, I decided to surprise her. I brought a friend over before she got home and explained to him what was about to happen. Sure enough, my wife came home with a young man and began doing him on our bed. At the time that I usually join in, I sent my friend in to join them. My wife's eyes were closed when he joined the session. She just suspected it to be me as she began giving him oral. When she opened her eyes, she was quite startled, but she was much too turned on to care. She hesitated for maybe two seconds, and then continued. She was so sexy with those two guys. After a short while, I couldn't resist anymore, and I joined them.

— Bryan, 35