She Was Game

My wife and I called it playing. I would handcuff her to the bed and blindfold her. Then I would do whatever I wanted and tease her. After I was done, I would let her loose, and we would talk about it. She thought it was always hot. One day, we had one of my twenty-two-year-old cousins come over for the day. He helped me do some work. He was attracted to my forty-one-year-old wife, and she liked him. I told him to come back about midnight, and then I would let him in. I told my wife I wanted to play tonight, and she was game. She took a long bubble bath and came out all dressed very sexy in white lingerie. She was so hot. I blindfolded her, handcuffed her, and asked her if she was ready to play. I said I 'd be right back, and I went and got my cousin and brought him in. He stripped, and she gave him oral sex. Then he had sex with her twice while I watched it all. We were quiet and never said anything. So, as far as I know, she never knew it was my cousin and not me. My wife loved it. She commented the next day about how I seemed bigger and lasted longer and had sex twice. She said she could handle that any time I wanted. Never did it happen again, yet.

— Bradley, 42